What is Wandless?

Those who have checked out www.wandless.co.uk may have gained the first glimpse into my first book, but with the release date roughly one month away (exact date to be announced in the coming weeks), it’s time to give a bit more detail.

Wandless is a dark fantasy set in the near future of our world. It’s the tale of a woman fleeing for her life, of the determined officer that chases her, and the innocent lives that will get caught up in the pursuit. You can read the full blurb below.

I’ll be honest, it’s not the book I imagined starting my writing career with.

It started as a short story, but it got out of hand. And it was going to be a standalone, but I’m already thinking about sequel and series ideas.

(In fact, it started as a weird dream about the X-Men but I don’t have the rights to them.)

I’ve spent the past month sorting some (hopefully) final revisions based on the feedback of my early readers. And at this very moment, my second wave of readers is working through the book to provide me with some last comments and to winkle out those last few mistakes.

In the weeks ahead, I’ll be working on the finishing touches – not only on the book, but on making it available to you all (hoping to open pre-orders in the next couple of weeks). I’ve also been working with my friend from Parry-Hide Photography on the cover, which you can also find below.

If you want more updates on the release (plus all my other future books), be sure to sign up to my mailing list. In the meantime, read on for the blurb of Wandless:

First, their wands were taken. Then, it was their freedom.

Emilia Harris is on the run. Having escaped from her Sanctuary, she flees north, desperate to leave Greater England.

Leading the military forces pursuing her is the ruthless Captain Hawthorne, determined to protect the human population from the witchkind previously living among them. Harris will be the latest Wandless in a long line of arrests.

Emilia has just one advantage: escaping from the Sanctuary has restored her unique magic – which she soon uses to defend herself, with devastating consequences.

After the first clash increases the military’s desire to hunt her down, how can she hope to reach a place of safety… especially as her power is not the true threat she poses to society?

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