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Wandless is out now

I can finally say/write the words I’ve been longing to say for thirty-ish years: My book is available now.

Wandless is yours to buy on Amazon, either in print or for Kindle. I’m also hoping to publish it through other digital and print-on-demand platforms in the coming days for anyone who has different ebook devices and/or apps, or who just doesn’t particularly want to shop at Amazon.

As I’ve said since starting this site, this really is only the beginning – in so many ways. I’ve been jotting down some ideas for more Wandless books (eight of them, in fact!), I’ve got my other urban fantasy thriller series to be working on (more on that later in the year), and I really want this to be the first significant step into making a career from my writing.

I love stories. Reading them, writing them, watching them, playing through them, and now I’m finally sharing them.

I’ve already included an acknowledgements section at the end of Wandless, but I wanted to throw out a few more thank yous here. If you’re about to purchase the book, thank you. If you are reading this and have already purchased it, thank you. If you’re even thinking about purchasing it, thank you. And if you’ve in any way been involved in getting me here, whether that’s reading early copies or offering me advice on one of the many Facebook groups I use, a very heartfelt thank you.

Thank you for helping me make a lifelong dream come true.

Well, enough mushy stuff. I’ve got more books to be writing and you now have one to be buying/reading. Be sure to let me know what you think, either by email or (ideally) by reviewing Wandless on Amazon. If you know anyone else that might enjoy it, send them my way.

Welcome to the world of Wandless. It all starts here.


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