Still writing, but not writing writng

Those who are signed up to my newsletter already know this, but wanted to clarify what’s happening here as well.

Firstly, the newsletter will soon go monthly rather than fortnightly. You’ll get one in two weeks on October 6th, and then on the 6th of every month. There may be the occasional bonus email (I’m planning something fun for mid-October, but more on that in a bit).

The main reason for this is because my writing has slowed down so much that I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to update you on Wandless 2, or indeed anything else I’m working on. So rather than plucking a book-themed conversation out of the air every two weeks for the sake of invading your inbox, I figured a monthly catch-up would be better for both of us.

The slowdown brings us on to the second thing: For now, work on Wandless 2, and any other fiction projects, is effectively on hold. Or at least so intermittent it might as well be.

I’m a journalist by day: UK Editor for ,the leading trade news publication for the video games industry. That means I spend most of my day writing and editing.

Since July, I’ve taken on a second part-time/freelance job, also a games editorial position, which involves some writing, a lot of editing, and a LOT of emails.

My day-job, obviously, takes up my day. My not-day-job takes up a good chuck of my evening. 

Plus, I have a beautiful wife and two adorable children to fit both jobs around. 

So by the time I can sit down to write, it’s pretty much time for bed.

I’ve been trying to squeeze in just ten minutes a day, but after doing my evening job, mentally I’m done – which means any words I produce aren’t even close to my best.

And the bottom line is I have to prioritise. My job is my guaranteed income, and my second job earns a lot more than my books currently do. 

Wandless, so far, has made a little over £100 since launching in March (mostly shortly after launch). And I’m ecstatic about that. That’s £100+ more than I ever thought I’d manage – and especially gratifying given how little I’ve been able to advetise so far. But it’s still a fraction of what my second job pays me.

I don’t know how long this second job will last. Maybe they’ll get bored of me in a year, or maybe I’ll miss writing so much I’ll quit heroically and stride off into the distance to pursue my dream. But for now, that’s how I’m going to be spending my time.

I’m not going to stop completely. When I get moments, I want to keep pressing on with my daughter’s book so I can get that finished. And the entire time, I’ll be refining my ideas for Wandless 2 and beyond. 

Of course, I’ll still be pushing the first book where I can, and I’ve got a cool idea for mid-October (as I hinted) that I’ll like to attempt. So keep you eyes out on the 6th for the first news about Wandless Day.

And just to reiterate: I’m not quitting writing. I’ll be doing what I can, and I still hope to deliver a free short story for those who have read Wandless by Christmas. If it goes well, I might tell more short stories in the Wandless world, just to keep both you and I going until I’m able to concentrate on the novels.

That’s all for now. Thank you in advance for your understanding. This is not the end, just an unexpected change of plans. 

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