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Charity Anthologies

For several years, I was a member of a local writing group, Writebulb. While there we compiled and published a handful of anthologies, each with a different theme.

Proceeds go to Farleigh Hospice, and we even held book signings to raise awareness and encourage more donations.

They’re still available via Amazon, details below.

Creepy Tales for Boyz & Ghouls


What would you do if you found monsters in your mum’s underwear? How would you stop a bunch of mischief-loving goblins? If there was a ghost in your house, what would you do? With fifteen creepy tales and poems, this book is full of spine-tingling thrills, frights and fun. Do you dare to look inside?

My Fiction: Fear – a two-part story about a boy overcoming his fear of a haunted house, and of the bullies that chase him there.

Magic, Mystery & Mayhem


The rich cast of characters will gradually draw you into their extraordinary lives.” Immerse yourself in a collection of stories that blur the lines between fantasy and reality. What hides beneath the ocean, or lurks inside the forest? Is there such a thing as guardian angels, and what mystery awaits you at the lighthouse?

Explore legends of alchemy and witchcraft; step into vivid new worlds, whilst also discovering what dangers can exist within our own. Prepare to be kidnapped on the street, trapped at the circus, and pursued by halflings. You won’t regret it . . . or will you?

My Fiction: What Happened at the Inn – a comical poem about a typical fantasy adventure party and their encounters at a tavern, all building up to a shamefully cheesy pun.

Also, Intruder at the Seven Dwarves’ Cottage – A different take on the classic story of Snow White with a few twists. This story essentially served as a practice run and teaser for my upcoming Death & Fairy Dust series.

Catching Santa and other festive tales


Do you know how to get off the Naughty List? What happens if you eat too much on Christmas Day? Have you ever heard of a Christmas Starfish, or seen a dragon pull a sleigh?

What does Christmas mean to you; Santa and his Elves, or the latest must-have gadgets and toys? For most children it’s about excitement and wishing, and the characters in Catching Santa are just the same. Busy Elves have work to do, can Santa deliver all his presents on time, and will everyone discover the true meaning of Christmas?

Immerse yourself in this wonderful collection of stories and poems for ages 7-12 that will get you in the Christmas spirit.

My Fiction: Michael Couldn’t Sleep – A short story articulating the excitement of Christmas, or more specifically trying to settle down for the night on Christmas Eve. Can you predict the twist ending? (According to some of my friends, yes. Very easily. Still fun to write, though)

Under The Night Sky


Night: a time for fun with friends, a time for love and romance, a time for peace and tranquillity, a time for dreams. But it’s also a time for attack and destruction, plotting and betrayal, terror and nightmares.

With each reflecting a different aspect of night, this latest charity anthology from Writebulb Writers Group features sixteen original stories across a variety of genres. In stories you’ll want to read again and again you’ll find diverse yet unforgettable characters. Dive into the pages and find your time of night.

My Fiction: Billionaires By Dawn – A heist story in which a group of gangsters with plans for an early retirement attempt to rob the Bank of England. Surrounded by police forces, there’s no way to escape the building but with explosives rigged throughout the bank, there’s no way for the police to enter either. Which side will break the stalemate first?

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