Death & Fairy Dust

These are not your typical fairy tales…

Once upon a time. That’s how these stories start. Except that’s a load of b*****ks, innit? They happen all the bloody time. There’s always something going on in this city, all these bull***t agendas at work. Everyone’s their own hero, and someone else’s villain. And there ain’t no ‘Happily Ever After’ neither – just the people that survive until the next story begins.

Death & Fairy Dust (might think about a better, more search-friendly name later) is a series of urban fantasy thrillers set in a world where magic is an expensive and addictive substance, and the Dark Queen is struggling to control it.

Every character and plot is based on a fairy tale, nursery rhyme, myth, legends, folklore or other familiar story – but with a darker twist.

Books in the Death & Fairy Dust series

Big Bad Wolfe

Tony Wolfe is an enforcer for the crime lords known as the Three Pigs. When a mission at the warehouse where they brew their black market spells goes awry, the Pigs punish Wolfe… and his family. But Wolfe’s quest for revenge escalates beyond his control as his vendetta against his now former employees leads him to cross paths with the rebellions teenage princess Snow White and a sinister plot that threatens the future of magic.

Released: Q3 2020

When The Last One Falls

A prequel to Big Bad Wolfe, adapting the story of Beauty and the Beast (the original, not the Disney version – although there are a few nods to the latter). Tony Wolfe’s life is disrupted by an encounter with a merchant and his beautiful daughter, who are being hunted by a ruthless businessman determined to collect on an impossible debt. This puts Wolfe on the path to a better, more luxurious life, but one that’s far more dangerous.

Released: 2021

The Stroke of Midnight

Details coming soon