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Blow The House Down

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Buy direct from my Payhip store and get three versions (PDF, Mobi, Epub) for £6.99

In a city where once upon a time happens all the time…

Tony Wolfe keeps order for notorious crime lords The Three Pigs – and gets paid handsomely for it. It grants him a life of luxury in a city where everyone lives in fear of the Queen and her dark magic.

But that life is torn apart when a job goes wrong and the Pigs punish Wolfe – and his family – for their own mistakes.
As their wrath escalates, Wolfe fights back against his employers. Crossing paths with the rebellious princess Snow White and a sheriff on the trail of a deadly new black market spell, his vendetta reveals the Pigs’ shady business goes beyond just counterfeit magic and dealing Fairy Dust.

Wolfe has declared a one-man war against the secret power behind this city – and if he loses, the future of magic will change forever.

Discover a unique world where fairy tales collide in this page-turning urban fantasy thriller

Want a taste? Read the first four chapters for free right here:

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