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Rating: 5 out of 5.

“The story never falters…
definitely a page-turner”

Pages, Places and Plates

Wandless is available now in paperback, and ebook via:

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!ndigo | Angus & Robertson | Mondadori | Vivlio

Also available through Tolino, OverDrive, Bibliotecha and Baker & Taylor

Books in the Wandless series

Every nation struggles to find its own solution to the emergence of witchkind. First, the wands were taken away and the wandmakers forbidden from continuing their craft. What followed varied from country to country.

In Greater England, formerly the United Kingdom, the government has settled on a more decisive strategy: relocation. Entire villages are claimed to rehouse the Wandless population, but these Sanctuaries are concentration camps in all but name.

These are not tales of revolution. These are stories of survival.


Emilia Harris is on the run. Having escaped from her Sanctuary, she flees north, desperate to leave Greater England.

Leading the military forces pursuing her is the ruthless Captain Hawthorne, determined to protect the human population from the witchkind previously living among them. Harris will be the latest Wandless in a long line of arrests.

Emilia has just one advantage: escaping from the Sanctuary has restored her unique magic – which she soon uses to defend herself, with devastating consequences.

After the first clash increases the military’s desire to hunt her down, how can she hope to reach a place of safety… especially as her power is not the true threat she poses to society?


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You can hear me read the first chapter in a video for the Book Finders Club below, or check out the Kindle sample just below that.

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