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Chapter 4: The Three Pigs

There’s no doubt about who’s in charge around here. Anyone who fucks with the Dark Queen doesn’t just get executed – that’s just the beginning. But in certain communities around this city, there are some that think they’re the ones in charge. Not necessary above Her Eminence, just rubbing shoulders with her. And if youContinue reading “Chapter 4: The Three Pigs”


Chapter 3: Collection

“There’s a lot of dangerous men in this city. Half of them ain’t nearly as dangerous as they think they are – they just know how to talk the talk, and survive long enough to keep on gassing. But there’s one bloke who’s really bloody dangerous – to himself as much as the rest ofContinue reading “Chapter 3: Collection”

Chapter 2: Shoes and cigarettes

“As powerful as Her Royal Highness may be, she can’t be everywhere at once and she won’t concern herself with the little things. Every dictator has their lapdogs, and putting them in an official uniform don’t make them any less detestable. The people might think the police are there for our protection, but those ofContinue reading “Chapter 2: Shoes and cigarettes”

Chapter 1: A Royal Guest

Once upon a time. That’s how these stories start. Except that’s a load of bollocks, innit? They happen all the bloody time. There’s always something going on in this city, all these bullshit agendas at work. Everyone’s their own hero, and someone else’s villain. And there ain’t no ‘Happily Ever After’ neither – just theContinue reading “Chapter 1: A Royal Guest”