Project(s) Update

I’ve decided to do a quick recap of the various projects I’m working on, if only to reiterate why there isn’t a Wandless 2 yet (I’m sorry, I’m getting to it, I promise). Any progress on these will be shared in my monthly newsletter.

So, here’s how my workload/writingload looks:

This is my first full-length novel. It’s finished, it’s (mostly) edited, and I am shopping for a cover artist (if you are one, please email me). 

It’s an urban fantasy thriller that offers a darker take on familiar fairytales. The cheesy elevator pitch I’ve been using is it’s Snow White meets Snatch.

I’m sharing a free chapter or two every month to give you a taste and drum up some interest before launch (currently planned for the end of the year). Subscribers to the newsletter get them first, but I will be adding some to my blog too (in fact, if you’ve missed them, do go and have a read of chapters onetwo and three).

I’m rather excited about this one, but it’s completely different to the sort of books I usually write.

This is a non-fiction book I have been commisioned to write by a specialist publisher. It’ll be hardcover, likely out next year… and those who follow/know me in other spaces won’t have too much difficulty cracking that codename.

This is my priority at the moment, since I have a deadline to meet and I’ve been paid an advance (which, for the moment, is a lot more than I could earn from my fiction while I’m still building an audience).

This is the book I’ve alluded to since Wandless came out: a collection of short stories for my daughter. I wrote one for my son by the time he was two years old (obviously won’t give it to him until he can actually read it), and I planned to get my daughter’s done before she hit the same age. She’s three in September, and I’ve still got two chapters left to write. Bad father. Shame. Shame, etc.

With all of the above, Wandless 2 is still in outline form at the moment. It’s going to pick up about a year, likely less, after the end of Wandless and really kicks off not only the series for Emilia but potentially some spin-offs. 

There’s a lot more to come from Wandless, but because Project Wolfe is already finished and Project Layton is a guaranteed income (I’ve got a family to support, after all), I have to concentrate on those first.

To those who have very kindly been asking about Wandless 2, thank you so much for both your interest and patience. I promise the wait will be worth it, and I’m quietly confident Project Wolfe should be just as enjoyable in the meantime.

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