Could I ask you a favour?

I’ve recently learned that if a book has 50 or more reviews on Amazon, it gives said book more ‘weight’ for the site’s algorithm. Or, to put it in plain English, it shows up in search results more often.

I’ve said before that reviews are important for indie authors like myself, and this is just one reason on. So…

Favour 1

If you have already read my novella Wandless, but you haven’t left a review, please do so.

It doesn’t have to be long or an in-depth critique. Even a sentence or two about what you thought of it will help.

And it doesn’t have to be five stars. It just has to be honest (I can take it!)

Favour 2

If you haven’t read Wandless yet, or even bought it, please do that and then write a review.

I reckon you’ll like it. It’s a page-thrilling urban fantasy thriller about a witch on the run from the military while getting to grips with using magic again for the first time in a decade – and her powers aren’t the reason she’s being pursued.

It’s got tension, great characters, an antagonist who’s always hot on the heels of the heroine, short and sharp chapters for that ‘just one more’ reading experience, and it’s succinct/gripping enough that you can end up reading it in a single sitting. (And many people have)

So please buy my book.

Bonus Favour(s)

If you’re us much a fan of Goodreads as I am, you could also review Wandless there. Plus if you enjoyed it, and/or know someone else who would, why not tell a friend? Or friends, plural? That’d be even better.

Thank you so much!

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